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Here you can read my “tried and tested” blogs giving you honest personal reviews on the products and services we list in our directory

Protein Superfood Cacao Energy Balls

Protein Superfood Cacao Energy Balls

Handful Chia Seeds (or whichever seeds you prefer)

Handful Hemp Seeds (or whichever seeds you prefer)

1 1/2 tbspn Mesquite powder* (ground pods of mesquite plant, used as a sweetener, i get mine from amazon or health food shops)

2 tbspn Raw Tahini* (ground sesame seed paste available from amazon/supermarkets)

4 Dates

1/2 cup Raisins

1 cup Almond Pulp (or 1 cup any nuts, cashews are really good!)

2 tbspn Cacao Powder/or Carob powder if you aren’t eating cacao

**if you don’t have tahini or mesquite you could replace these 2 ingredients with whatever liquid sweetener you prefer, for example, agave, maple syrup, yacon syrup, raw honey, etc. Mesquite sweetens and tahini binds, so substitute the combination of both with 2 tbspns of sweetener and it will taste as good :)

To Make:

Add all ingredients to the food processor and blend to combine. It will start to stick together, but may be more like a crumby consistency. Just use a spoon to scoop whatever sized sweets you want to make, and use your hands to roll into balls, pressing the dough together. If it seems too dry, add more tahini/liquid sweetener, or if too wet add more nuts/seeds/powder.

These are ready to eat straight away, but also taste really good after being left in the fridge for a couple hours to harden. You can also use the same recipe to make bars/brownies, just transfer the dough to a dish, pat down and refrigerate for a few hours, then chop into bars..


Superfood Cacao Protein Chunks

Superfood Cacao Protein Chunks


3/4 cup Cacao Butter (melted)

1 heaped tbspn Maca

2 heaped tbspn Mesquite

2 Handfuls Goji Berries

2 Medjool Dates (chopped)

1 cup Buckwheaties (soaked, sprouted and dehydrated buckwheat)

1 cup Almonds

1/4 cup Sunflower Seeds


Put the almonds and sunflower seeds in the food processor and blend to break them up into almost a flour, if you prefer big pieces you can add half the nuts as flour, and half later so they are less broken down

Add the maca and mesquite to the melted cacao butter, and stir until fully smooth

Now just add the broken down nuts and seeds, plus all the other dry ingredients to your cacao butter and mix well

Transfer to a tin or lunchbox, using a spoon to press down until level

Leave to set for around 45 mins in the freezer or until fully hardened

Carefully remove from container, and chop into chunks with a sharp knife

These lasted about 5 mins! haha…but they will keep for a few days in the fridge

With Mesquite Maca, Nuts and Seeds, these are full of protein! and heaps of other vitamins and minerals, as well as packed full of antioxidants..all raw and easily digested! Plus they tasted amazing! Superfood treat for your body and your buds (taste) haha

For maximum benefits or for all the experts out there, always remember to soak/sprout your nuts and seeds.

Raw Banoffee Pie

Raw Banoffee Pie


4 handfuls Brazil Nuts/or whichever nuts you prefer

2 handfuls Raisins

2 tbspns Tahini

1 tspn Dried Ginger Powder

6 Medjool Dates (soaked for at least half an hour)

3 tbspns Coconut Oil

3 Bananas

2 tbspns Mesquite


To make the crust, add the brazil nuts, raisins, ginger and tahini to the food processor, blend until it has broken down into a sticky, crumbly consistency.

Press this mixture into a flan dish using a spoon to create a flat surface, and making sure to include the sides too. Try to get an equally sized layer around the whole dish. Once done, add to freezer so that the crust begins to harden while you make the caramel layer.

Put the dates, along with the water they were soaking in, into the food processor. Add the coconut oil, mesquite and 1 banana then blend to combine. You want to achieve a really smooth caramel consistency, so you can add extra oil, or extra mesquite until it looks and tastes how you prefer.

Remove dish from freezer, and spoon the caramel mixture into the crust, creating an equal layer with a spatula or spoon.

Thinly slice the other 2 bananas and add on top to finish

Put back in the freezer to continue setting for around 45 mins, then carefully remove from dish and serve

PROMiXX The original vortex mixer

I was recently sent a PROMiXX sports bottle and I have to say I was very impressed.
This is not just another sports bottle, or shake mixer, this is a revolutionary product that really does what it says it does.
Its sleek stylish look coupled with its practical functionality makes this a must have for all sports/fitness enthusiasts and professionals. Its also pretty cool and makes the mixing of shakes and drinks much more fun!
If you are anything like me you will always be on the go, rushing from training to work or out the door in the morning grabbing prepped food and shakes etc for the day, the PROMiXX makes life easier because you don’t have to carry a pre-mixed shake that could go warm and lets face it make you wretch on the lumps nor do you have to franticly shake your sports mixer, scared the lid will flip open and cover your suit in protein. You can make a fresh beautifully blended drink of your choice at the touch of a button, even whilst you get changed in the changing room at the gym.

And I quote “Packed full of innovative features, the PROMiXX offers superior mixing ability without compromising the quality of your supplements.”

“Fact: The mechanical stress caused by regular blenders can damage the structure of proteins.”

So to add even more benefit to its practicality, the PROMiXX also helps you get more out of your supplements, not bad eh?

Its features are:
a leak-proof sports cap
BPA-free plastic
650ml tumbler
Specially designed blade
9,000rpm motor
Removable motor for easy cleaning
Runs on 2xAAA batteries

Its easy to clean and re-assemble after cleaning.

The PROMiXX retails at £18.99 and I don’t think there is any need for any other type of sports bottle after owning one of these.

Photo on 2013-07-08 at 14.48



Raw Organic Oreo Cookies

Raw Organic Oreo Cookies

I just decided the other day to experiment and try and make my own version of an oreo, the quantities are what I found worked best, but its just a guide so just use whatever suits your taste, adding more dry ingredients, or more liquid ingredients until you have desired consistency! You cant really go wrong, these tasted so good :)


1 1/2 Cups Cashews

1 Cup Oats

Seeds from 1 Vanilla Pod

2 tbspn Carob powder / or Cacao powder

3 tbspn Agave Nectar/ or whichever sweetener you choose


Cream layer

50g Cacao butter (melted)

1 Cup Cashews

3 tbspn Coconut Oil

2 tbspn Agave Nectar/ or alternate sweetener

To Make:


Grind cashews and oats in the food processor to a flour, add carob powder, agave, and vanilla and continue to process into a dough. Add more sweetener if you need to, until you have your desired taste. To make the dough combine, add some water a tbspn at a time, until you have desired consistency.

Transfer to to a board and roll out to around 5mm thick, i used some extra carob powder to stop the dough from sticking down here. Cut into equally sized circles and dehydrate for around 4-6 hours, turning once.


Grind Cashews in food processor until broken down, add coconut oil and agave then blend until smooth. Finally add the cacao butter, and pulse to mix.

Spread the cream onto half of the cookies, then pair with the remaining, and refrigerate to set..for around half an hour :)

6 Pack Bags

Six Pack Bags Uk from Extreme Nutrition

I first tried 6 pack bags last year while I was cleaning up my training diet and getting ready for my competition dieting.
This was the no1 choice in meal management for me as it was always such a daunting prospect that my prepared meals would get warm and go off or my shake/water would get warm.

It is all about convenience!
We all know how hard it is to stick to our fitness goals and staying on track with the nutrition is often the hardest part.
The timing and the right food is crucial and there are times when you’re running late, stuck at work, in traffic or just too busy to go out and get food.
You need real food and fast!
Sometimes there are only coffee shops nearby or you have to turn down invites to the local café/bar/restaurant because you know you cant get a clean balanced meal. And we all have friends that complain to us about this.

With a 6 pack bag this all changes and you have everything you need for your daily nutrition in one simple convenient bag. It will store, drinks (hot or cold) 3-5 prepared meals, nuts, supplements, fruit and anything else you need.

Purchase and use a ’6 pack bag’.

I am HEAVILY dependent on mine. What I love most about mine is it has separate compartments for several meals and it keeps them HOT or COLD. You can actually have hot and cold items in the cooler at the SAME time and they will maintain their temperature! The 6 pack bag is perfect to keep in your car, bring on an airplane, or just bring to work each day. No refrigerator required!


Jst Jodie Supplements

I first tried Jodie Marsh’s supplements back in July 2012 when the brand was launched. As an avid fitness fanatic I had decided I would like to compete in fitness competitions and inspired by Jodie’s huge success in the fitness world I thought I’d try her supplements to help me on my journey.

I started with her 4 in 1 RipUp protein shake in Bannofee cream pie flavour (my favourite) it boasts: RIPUP is a low in carbohydrate and high in protein shake to support lean muscle growth and repair.

Calories – 117kcal
Carbs – 1.65g
Fat – 1.56g
Protein -24g

Pure Whey Protein Concentrate • Egg Albumen
Pure Whey Protein Isolate • Egg Albumen • Calcium caseinate

Plus another big tick in the yes box is that the shakes are Lactose free and Aspartame free, which is very important to my health.

Each shake works out at £1.11 so its also extremely great value for money with each tub containing 75 servings.
The taste and mixabilty is so important with protein shakes in my experience as dieting for training and competitions is hard enough without gagging whilst drinking your supplements. The Jst Jodie products are by far my favourite tasting and mix into a smooth delicious shake, I also mix in with my oats for breakfast .. YUM !

I found the RipUp shakes gave me the nutritional support and cutting edge I was looking for in a protein shake and continue to use them daily.

Then I tried Semtex, the huge revolutionary fat burner. The reason I was drawn to try it was the fact that there was no nasty illegal harmful ingredients. I’m no fan of fat burners and I of course had my reservations.
I used Semtex as directed and in conjunction with a healthy diet and training plan, I found it boosted my energy levels with no funny heart palpitations or undesired effects.
Here are some shots of my results last year, in just a few weeks of eating clean, RipUp and Semtex you can see I was losing body fat (see my first photo where I am bloated and no muscle definition) the other 3 photos are taken just 1 month later.


Then a few more weeks later ….


As you can see my overall body fat dropped and my lean muscle mass increased. I trained hard and ate very clean and this was before I started my competition dieting. I used my Jst Jodie supplements to help me get the nutrition I needed safely without any extreme fad diets or whacky pills. I had energy and a healthy glow and never starved in between meals.

I have used the products in the range that applied to me and what I needed, this is my personal review of the products RipUP and Semtex. I recommend the Jst Jodie supplements to anyone looking for great tasting honest products that do as they say on the tub.