PROMiXX The original vortex mixer

I was recently sent a PROMiXX sports bottle and I have to say I was very impressed.
This is not just another sports bottle, or shake mixer, this is a revolutionary product that really does what it says it does.
Its sleek stylish look coupled with its practical functionality makes this a must have for all sports/fitness enthusiasts and professionals. Its also pretty cool and makes the mixing of shakes and drinks much more fun!
If you are anything like me you will always be on the go, rushing from training to work or out the door in the morning grabbing prepped food and shakes etc for the day, the PROMiXX makes life easier because you don’t have to carry a pre-mixed shake that could go warm and lets face it make you wretch on the lumps nor do you have to franticly shake your sports mixer, scared the lid will flip open and cover your suit in protein. You can make a fresh beautifully blended drink of your choice at the touch of a button, even whilst you get changed in the changing room at the gym.

And I quote “Packed full of innovative features, the PROMiXX offers superior mixing ability without compromising the quality of your supplements.”

“Fact: The mechanical stress caused by regular blenders can damage the structure of proteins.”

So to add even more benefit to its practicality, the PROMiXX also helps you get more out of your supplements, not bad eh?

Its features are:
a leak-proof sports cap
BPA-free plastic
650ml tumbler
Specially designed blade
9,000rpm motor
Removable motor for easy cleaning
Runs on 2xAAA batteries

Its easy to clean and re-assemble after cleaning.

The PROMiXX retails at £18.99 and I don’t think there is any need for any other type of sports bottle after owning one of these.

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