Raw Organic Oreo Cookies

Raw Organic Oreo Cookies

I just decided the other day to experiment and try and make my own version of an oreo, the quantities are what I found worked best, but its just a guide so just use whatever suits your taste, adding more dry ingredients, or more liquid ingredients until you have desired consistency! You cant really go wrong, these tasted so good :)


1 1/2 Cups Cashews

1 Cup Oats

Seeds from 1 Vanilla Pod

2 tbspn Carob powder / or Cacao powder

3 tbspn Agave Nectar/ or whichever sweetener you choose


Cream layer

50g Cacao butter (melted)

1 Cup Cashews

3 tbspn Coconut Oil

2 tbspn Agave Nectar/ or alternate sweetener

To Make:


Grind cashews and oats in the food processor to a flour, add carob powder, agave, and vanilla and continue to process into a dough. Add more sweetener if you need to, until you have your desired taste. To make the dough combine, add some water a tbspn at a time, until you have desired consistency.

Transfer to to a board and roll out to around 5mm thick, i used some extra carob powder to stop the dough from sticking down here. Cut into equally sized circles and dehydrate for around 4-6 hours, turning once.


Grind Cashews in food processor until broken down, add coconut oil and agave then blend until smooth. Finally add the cacao butter, and pulse to mix.

Spread the cream onto half of the cookies, then pair with the remaining, and refrigerate to set..for around half an hour :)

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